I was introduced to heroin by my boyfriend who was using and hiding it from me for the longest time. I started using with him and was addicted for two years. I went to detox February 2019 for seven days but it wasn’t long enough for me. I came home and started using again. About a month later I lost my dad to suicide and my using escalated because I was trying to numb the pain. I ended up going to jail on April I , 2019 due to all the drug tests that I was failing during probation. I was in jail for 20 days and stayed clean for eight months straight. On February 5, 2020 1 relapsed again and overdosed three days later. I was rushed to the hospital and was blue in the face with 2 minutes of life left in me. That’s when I realized that no drug was worth my life. I recently went to jail on March 3, 2020 due to an old charge from February, and I realized that wasn’t my lifestyle anymore.

I got out the next day and moved into the Freedom Home and gave my heart to Jesus.

I am now working as an Intern at Family Care Ministries. I am also currently serving on the board of the East Liverpool City Drug Court, that I graduated from myself. I couldn’t be happier for Him to do His work in me and watch me grow more and more everyday.
Matthew 19:20
With God, all things are possible.